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brand was established in 2003 year, under the jurisdiction of Shaoxing Ourten electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qunan electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruijun electronics technology Co., Ltd., as well as southwest and central China branch companies for the products production and marketing sales.


The enterprise produces and develops the lightning protection and network transmission products. In more than ten years of development, the enterprise has always insisted on providing customers with the best technical solutions, the excellent-performance product series and the quick-response after-sales service, and providing the excellent brand products and technical support to customers in various industries.


We firmly believe that innovation is the core of enterprise development. To provide customers with the best technical solutions and excellent-performance products, is not only the basis for us to win customers’ trust, but also  our commitment to customers.


We are deeply aware of the social responsibility of enterprises. We actively participate in various economic,environmental and social affairs, practice the corporate culture and values,promote the healthy development of enterprises, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the sustainable development of society.